China criticises western support to the protestors in Hongkong

Third World WarBeijing/Hongkong: Chinese foreign ministry lashed out at the western countries, supporting the Hongkong protestors, by saying that Hongkong is a part of China and the developments there, are an internal matter for China. Therefore, there we strongly object to the interference from other countries in the internal matters of China. The protestors had directly entered the parliament building and caused damages to the property, during the protests, on Monday. The United States, the United Kingdom and the European Union had taken serious cognisance of the action against these protestors.


protestors-in-HongkongIn 1997, Hongkong, a British territory till then, was transferred to China. Hongkong has been a part of China ever since and is known as the Special Administration Region. The administration in Hongkong is conducted on the principle of ‘One Country Two Systems’, as provided in the agreement, signed in 1997. The day of handover of Hongkong by the United Kingdom to China is commemorated as the ‘Handover Ceremony’. On this occasion Handover Ceremony Program, to mark the day is organised on the 1st of July, every year.

This year’s program was held in a tensed environment because of the shadows of eruption of public unrest. The people of Hongkong aggressively expressed their discontent against the pro-Chinese administration and the Chinese interference, on this occasion. The people of Hongkong took to the streets to protest against China for denying autonomy to Hongkong. Not stopping only at the protests, the youth participating in the protests, attacked the parliament building, which is a symbol of the pro-Chinese administration.

The protestors created a ruckus in the parliament building, demanding the resignation of Administrator Carrie Lam. Various slogans were painted against China and Lam. Pro-democracy slogans were given standing on the benches in the parliament house. This outburst of the youth has become the most aggressive and significant incident in the protests, and it has also drawn the attention of the international community.

US President Donald Trump, while taking cognisance of the protestors, targeted China in a very sarcastic tone ‘The protestors want democracy, and the government doesn’t’ British Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt while hashing out at China, warned that there will be severe consequences, if the feelings of the people are not given due consideration. The European Union appealed for restraint while taking action against the protestors.

The Chinese government has become restless because of the western support to the protestors and the increasing importance of the protest at the international level. This restlessness is evident from the reactions of the Chinese media, the Chinese representative office in Hongkong and the foreign department. Chinese representative office in Hongkong warned that these protests are a direct challenge to the Chinese government and they will not be tolerated. Whereas, the Chinese media termed the damages caused in the parliament building, as a dark event in the legal system.

Geng Shuang, the spokesman of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, named the United States, the United Kingdom and European Union, to convey the message that they should be more careful while talking. At the same time, he also lambasted that they should not interfere in the matters in Hongkong and should not spread a wrong message supporting the violent incidents.

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