General Rawat warns regarding Afghanistan, Pakistan and China

New Delhi: – The situation in Afghanistan could worsen in the near future. Today, it is unthinkable that anarchy and instability in Afghanistan have increased to this extent, warned General Bipin Rawat, India’s defence chief. The current geopolitical developments are likely to ignite conflicts between different cultures, the defence chief said. Speaking at an event at the India International Centre, Defence Chief General Rawat issued this warning.  


In his book, Clash of Civilisations, Samuel Huntington, a prominent American politician, proposed the theory of cultural conflict. General Rawat recalled Huntington’s conclusion that the liberal and democratic culture of Westerners would clash with the culture of monopoly and narrow-mindedness. In the future, will the cooperation of a country with a selfish and hegemonic civilisation with the Islamic countries lead to a clash of cultures? With this question, General Rawat highlighted the current developments. China has established strong cooperation with Iran and Turkey. Now China is preparing to dominate Afghanistan, General Rawat said, pointing to the threat.  

The transition of the world has started from a single superpower to superpowers or several superpowers. Countries are becoming more aggressive. In that too, China has become extra intrusive, forcing the world to take notice. India shares a border with such an aggressive country. India will have to formulate its own policies, keeping this in mind. India will have to take the necessary steps to counter the threats posed by neighbouring Pakistan and China, Rawat said.  

Meanwhile, Pakistan will continue to wage a covert war against India, using terrorism and will expand its scope. Evidence regarding this is being found in Jammu and Kashmir. Once again, Pakistan is trying to destabilise Punjab. General Rawat has alleged that Pakistan is acting as China’s pawn. 

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