Britain too could launch aggressive cyber attacks against Russia, warns Defense Minister Michael Fallon

In a blistering attack on Russia, Britain’s Defense Minister warned Russia that they too could hack them back. He further said , that Russia should keep in mind  the heavy price she will have to pay  if she tried breaking Britain and NATO member nations through cyber attacks. This aggressive stance taken by Britain , in the context of Russia’s interference during  the elections in US, and the rising cyber attacks on nations like Germany, France, Britain and Norway, is eye catching. 


Sir-Michael-FallonMichael Fallon, Britain’s Defense Minister indicated, that since the cyber attacks from Russia are on the rise in Europe, Britain is investing heavily in both – offensive  and defensive techniques in cyber areas. It would be used as counter attacks on  Russia’s cyber attacks. It would have provisions  for network jamming also. He blamed Russia for spreading wrong information and using it like weapon and this form of attack is increasing in member countries of NATO.  

NATO is taking effective measures to secure on land, air and sea. Such effective measures need to be taken in cyber areas also. If there is an attack on NATO the enemy should know the heavy price it will have to pay for it. With these words Fallon also alerted NATO on the need to be prepared in cyber areas. 

Last year in the month of November, Britain had declared establishing a ‘National Cyber Security Strategy‘ and had made provisions of 2.3 billion dollars for cyber security. For the  purpose of this Strategy, one thousand new  officials would be recruited for cyber security and a new ‘Cyber Security Research Institute‘ would  be established. The British Government also announced that the new cyber policy would be based on three facets of cyber security viz., ‘Defense, Prevention, and Development’.  

Meanwhile, the instances of cyber attacks on Norway’s Political Parties, Defense and External Affairs Department have come  to light. The Security Machinery of Norway has  indicated Russian hackers to be responsible for these attacks. 

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