Bomb attack on the program of western diplomats in Saudi

Jeddah: At least 10 people were injured in the bomb attack, launched by the extremists, on a function organised to pay homage to the martyrs of the first world war. The media are claiming that four people were killed in the blast. As per information, the injured include British and Greek citizens. French foreign ministry has denounced the cowardly attack. In last 12 days, this becomes the second attack on the people from the western countries, in Jeddah.


Bomb attack on the program of western diplomats in SaudiOn Wednesday, the French embassy at Jeddah in Saudi Arabia had organised a Memorial Day. Diplomatic officials from the French, British, Greek, Italian and the United States embassy, along with the Saudi security personnel, were present for the program held, in the cemetery, in remembrance of the soldiers, martyred during the first world war. Memorial Day function is an annual event in Saudi. But the extremists targeted the function on Wednesday, with a bomb attack. As per received reports, the citizens from western countries escaped with minor injuries, in the bomb blast which occurred during the speech of the French diplomat. But some of the news agencies have reported that four people were killed in the attack.

The Saudi security agencies have arrested the terrorist carrying out the attack. Before this, a security person was stabbed, 12 days ago, outside the French embassy in Jeddah. Following the attack, security has been strengthened in Jeddah. Moreover, a high alert has been issued to all the embassies.

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