Iran issues threat over the US announcement of military deployment for Saudi Arabia and UAE

Third World War

Washington: – The United States announced additional military deployment in Saudi Arabia, expressing fears of fresh Iranian attacks. As expected, a vitriolic reaction was received for Iran, following the US announcement. Iran accused the new deployment as provocative and warned that it would turn the countries attacking Iran into a battlefield.

The United States and Saudi Arabia have indicated that Iran is behind the attack on the Abqaiq oil project, in Saudi and Iran will have to pay the price for the attack. The United States has imposed harsher sanctions against Iran. At the same time, has also initiated movements, for military action. US Secretary of Defence, Mark Esper, pointed out that the Iranian threat to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is still not over. Therefore, the United States has decided for additional military deployment to ensure the security of Saudi Arabia. Esper said that additional 3,000 soldiers would be deployed in Saudi. Esper added further that the US Defence Chief would soon announce the details of this deployment.

Before this, the United States has deployed its warships in the marine region, near the Persian Gulf, including aircraft carriers. At the same time, the United States is preparing to supply weapons systems worth USD 8 billion to Saudi, UAE and Jordan. The United States has decided to expedite the supply process. While giving information regarding this, the Trump administration has emphasised that the Trump administration is standing firmly behind Saudi and Saudi has a right to defend itself. Therefore, a strong possibility is being predicted that the front formed by the United States and Saudi can decide to attack Iran, any time. Now the additional military deployment has increased the possibility further. Secretary of Defence Mark Esper said that the United States has three motives behind this deployment. Esper said in a press conference that the deployment is for the security of Saudi and UAE, streamlining the economy in the Gulf region and ensure adherence to the international regulations.

military deploymentDespite this, Iran accused that this deployment is for action against It and wowed that there will be a strong retaliation against it. Major General Hussein Salami, commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, threatened that any country attacking Iran will be turned into a battlefield.

Major General Hussein Salami,other Iranian military officials and leaders have delivered a message that Iran will not stop at only defending against the US and Saudi attack. Iran will carry out retaliatory strikes on the US and Saudi interests in the Gulf. Iran has consistently stated that the countries attacking Iran should not have the misconception that the war will remain limited to Iran. Iran has threatened in the past that Iran may target Israel, the closest ally of the United States, in retaliation.

The analysts claimed that the attack by the United States and Saudi, on Iran, was averted because of this aggressive attitude adopted by Iran. But it is apparent, following the attack on the Saudi oil projects, that the United States will not be able to hold back the decision to attack Iran, for a long time.

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