‘We would have closed Taishan nuclear project in China,’ warns French company

China, French company, Nuclear Project, Taishan Nuclear PlantParis/Beijing – The problem at the Taishan nuclear plant in China’s southern Guangdong province was very serious. The French company EDF warned that it would have decided to close the project if it was possible. Last month, fears were expressed that radiation was being emitted from the Taishan nuclear plant. But the Chinese authorities had tried to suppress the case by claiming that everything was well. However, the warning from the French company EDF has once again exposed the Chinese regime’s policy to hide information.


The Taishan nuclear power plant is located in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong and has two reactors. The project is jointly funded by China and France. The French company Framatome has designed the project and is responsible for its maintenance. The company is a subsidiary of EDF, one of the world’s leading nuclear power companies.

China, French company, Nuclear Project, Taishan Nuclear PlantLast month, Framatome contacted US authorities and warned that the plant was leaking fusion gas and could pose a safety issue. There was a huge uproar after the news was published. US media claimed the incident was similar to the 1986 Chernobyl accident. Now, with the warning from the French company, the issue of the Chinese project has come on the anvil again.

EDF had said in its statement that it had given the Chinese company complete details of the project. The company said that if such an incident had taken place in France, the project would have been shut down immediately, and thorough investigations would have been undertaken. The French company also accused the Chinese authorities of abruptly changing some technical criteria to avoid casting any doubt regarding the project. At the end of the statement, it was pointed out that the Chinese company had full authority to make the final decision on the project.

China, French company, Nuclear Project, Taishan Nuclear PlantEDF warned, as a responsible company in the nuclear field, it would have been appropriate to close the project and investigate. The statement issued by a leading and responsible company like EDF and its warnings has exposed the brass of the Chinese regime. When the problem arose in the project, China did not pay much attention to it except to state that it was all well at the project. Even after the news broke in the American media, the Chinese authorities pressurised the French company and forced them to mention ‘performance issue’. The incident was also ignored by the Chinese media. But now, the French company’s detailed statement could become a big problem for China.

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