US & Japan launch two simultaneous military exercises to counter ever-increasing Chinese bullying

Tokyo/Washington: – Senior US military official, Colonel Neil Berry, informed about the joint war exercises with Japan saying, ‘The war exercises being held between the United States and Japan are not only for building the confidence of the respective armies but also to strengthen all the allied and partner countries. If any country stands up as an enemy, all the countries can face it with unity.’ Chinese aggressive activities are continuing in the Indo-Pacific sector, along with the South China Sea. As per received information, the United States and Japan have started two war exercises, simultaneously, to stop this Chinese aggression.   

Last week, joint exercises named Yama Sakura were started between the United States and Japan with 5,000 soldiers. The activities held in the Kumamoto region have the participation of 4,000 Japanese and 1,000 US soldiers. These exercises will continue till 15th December. These exercises of Joint Command Post category are one of the biggest and most important war exercises held between the two countries. Sources informed that these exercises are being held since 1982.  

Following Yama Sakura, Forest Light bilateral exercises were started even in the Niigata and Gamma region. Nearly 6,000 soldiers are participating in the activities, including 500 US marines. Officials informed that along with the soldiers, Mv-22 Osprey Tiltrotor and CH-47 helicopters are also a part of the practices.   

The Japanese defence department informed that the central principle of both the exercises is countering an attack on any of the islands in the Japanese territory. Lieutenant General Ryuji Takemoto, a senior official in the Japanese army, justified the exercises saying, ‘Joint missions are required for a free and open Indo-Pacific Sector.’  

In the last few years, China has started decisive actions to gain control over the East China Sea, near Japan, along with the South China Sea. In the last few months, China has attempted many intrusions in the East China Sea sector with its warships, submarines and fighter jets. Analysts claim that this is a Chinese attempt to challenge the sovereignty of Japan using pressurising tactics. The United States and Japan have increased the scope of military cooperation to stop this Chinese aggression, and two simultaneous war exercises are a part of the same increased scope. 

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