Thousands of fake Corona vaccines seized in China and South Africa: just the tip of an iceberg, warns Interpol 

fake Corona vaccines

Geneva/London: – Huge stocks of fake Corona vaccines were seized in the raids conducted in China and South Africa. The International police organisation Interpol has said that this action against fake vaccines is just the tip of an iceberg. Interpol also claimed that fake vaccines are being sold through the internet and other channels. Meanwhile, the intensity of Coronavirus is once again increasing in Brazil, Europe and leading researchers at the World Health Organisation (WHO) have claimed that these are warning bells.   

John Hopkins University of Medicine informed that the number of Coronavirus cases has crossed 115.6 million and the pandemic has claimed 2.569 million lives. The intensity of Coronavirus pandemic seems to have reduced in the United States and the United Kingdom. The massive vaccination drive is believed to be the reason for this reduction. But as the vaccination drives are gaining momentum, spurious vaccines being manufactured and sold are being reported. In the last few days, major action was taken in China and South Africa against these spurious vaccines; thousands of doses were seized. Nearly 2,500 doses of the vaccine have been seized during South Africa, and nearly 3 million masks have also been seized. One South African and three Chinese suspects have been detained in this connection.   

fake Corona vaccines

Thousands of fake Corona vaccine doses were confiscated in a raid to a factory in China, manufacturing the fake vaccine. Local agencies informed that 80 people have been detained during the action. Jurgen Stock, the Chief of Interpol warned, that although the action against the fake vaccines is reassuring, it is only the tip of an iceberg. Warnings had already been issued that the criminal gangs will target the distribution and other agencies connected with the vaccine for the Coronavirus.  

While the Interpol warning regarding the fake Corona vaccine is being received, it is being revealed that the intensity of the Coronavirus pandemic is increasing in Brazil and Europe. The intensity of the Coronavirus pandemic has remained the same in Brazil and the number of patients has crossed 10 million. The number of casualties due to the pandemic is also rising. Besides, more than 1,700 patients died on Tuesday. This is the record since the pandemic first broke out. The total number of deaths in Brazil has reached 60,970. The Brazilian health systems also have collapsed due to the Coronavirus pandemic; researchers warn that these are warning bells for the entire world.   

Meanwhile, the extent of the Coronavirus pandemic is seen to be increasing even in Europe, once again. WHO has published a statement regarding this- it has been revealed that the number of cases in Europe have increased by a million over the last week. The statistic showed that the intensity of the pandemic was reducing in Europe for the last one and a half month. Against this background, the information released by the WHO becomes significant. 

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