Pakistan’s Single point agenda: Terrorist infiltration into India, accuses Chief of Indian Army  

New Delhi: – The entire world is engaged in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic. But Pakistan is not interested in fighting the pandemic. The Pakistani health systems are in tatters because of the pandemic. Chief of Army Staff, General Manoj Naravane retorted ‘Even in this scenario, Pakistan, is pursuing its single point agenda of pushing terrorists in India, with no consideration for its future.’ General Naravane warned that every Pakistani action will be given a fitting reply by the Indian Army.   


Five soldiers, including two officers, of the Indian Army, were martyred in an encounter with terrorists, on Saturday night. The whole of India is proud of these martyrs. General Naravane expressed his feelings saying that the entire country will firmly stand behind the families of these martyrs. General Naravane reprimanded Pakistan while speaking regarding this attack.  

Pakistan is pursuing its single point agenda of pushing terrorists into India, without bothering about its future. But the Indian military will not stop short of a fitting reply. General Naravane also accused Pakistan of carrying on a secret war in Afghanistan along with India. Currently, the world is fighting the Coronavirus pandemic. Coronavirus is playing havoc even in Pakistan. Pakistan health systems have entirely collapsed. General Naravane accused that Pakistan is entirely ignoring the situation.   

Meanwhile, firing continued on the Line of Control in Kashmir, from the Pakistan side, even on Monday. The Indian military also is retaliating strongly. Reports of destruction of Pakistani military posts are being received. It is being said that the Pakistan military is incurring huge losses. It is claimed that to teach Pakistan a lesson, for its repeated aggression, India has deployed Spike Missiles along the Line of Control.  

Although the Pakistan military is suffering losses in the conflict, the Pakistan military is making propaganda that they are emerging superior in the conflict. This lie is not acceptable even to some of the former officials from Pakistan military. One of the former military officials has raised a question ‘Even if we accept the claim that the Pakistan military is giving a fitting reply to the Indian cross border firing, how is it that there is firing again, on the next day from the Indian side?’ This official has advised the Pakistan military to stop lying to the people of Pakistan. 

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