No signs of tensions diffusing at LAC anytime soon

New Delhi/Beijing: China is negotiating with India to diffuse the tension on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh. The Chinese foreign ministry said that both the countries are holding talks on diplomatic and military levels. But in reality, China is not willing to withdraw from the LAC in Ladakh. Therefore, media is claiming that the Indian army officials have come to an inference that there is no chance of diffusing the tension on the LAC in Ladakh shortly.

No possibility of reduction in tension on the LAC in near futureChinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said, ‘India and China are making efforts to reduce the tension on the LAC in Ladakh and rounds of discussions on a diplomatic and military level are being held between the two countries.’ China has deployed nearly 50,000 soldiers on and around the LAC in Ladakh. India has retaliated with an equivalent deployment. Therefore, concerns are being expressed that a war can be sparked in this region at any time. There have been eight rounds of discussions between the two countries to diffuse this tension. The 8th round was held on 6th of November.

Nothing has emerged from this round of discussions. A few weeks ago, China had expressed willingness to withdraw its soldiers to the finger 8 position from finger 4, in the Pangong Tso lake region. But now China is not willing for that. The Indian military officials claimed that this is because the Chinese leadership is disagreeing. Instead, China is adamant that India should give up control over the strategic hills to the south of the Pangong lake. But India has reprimanded China that if India has to retreat from its position, it will happen only when both the militaries retreat.

India has made China aware that it is willing for a long-term deployment if China is not willing to accept Indian demand. Currently, the Chinese soldiers are freezing in the Ladakh cold, and the soldiers have to be replaced daily. Moreover, the morale of the Chinese soldiers also is down, and they are repeatedly falling sick. China made a blunder of instigating India without making any preparations. Western analysts are saying that China also misjudged the Indian reaction, and China is facing the consequences of this blunder.

Meanwhile, it has been revealed that the Indian leadership had ordered the military to take over the strategic hills in May. China chose to ignore the repeated warnings issued by India to withdraw its military from near the LAC in Ladakh. Thereafter, the Indian army delivered a severe blow to China, in the month of August, by taking control of important hills, including Mukhpari, Rezang La, Rechin La and Gurung. It has been revealed that India had made preparations for this in the month of May itself. Whereas, it is being observed that China is making a laughing stock out of itself by entering the Ladakh sector without proper preparations.

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