Israeli submarines keeping a watch on Iran, informs Israeli military official

Jerusalem: Iran can launch missile attacks on Israel, using Iraq’s or Yemen’s territories. Iran will deploy drones and smart missile in both these countries for this purpose. Brigadier General Hidai Zilberman, the Israeli military spokesman, warned that Israeli submarines are keeping a close watch on these Iranian movements. Brigadier General Hidai Zilberman made these claims while talking to a Saudi Arabian daily. Following the Israeli official’s interview, Iran announced that it was fully prepared to defend its marine borders.


Israeli submarines keeping a watch on Iran, informs Israeli military officialLast week, an Israeli news channel created a sensation with a news report. It reported that an Israeli submarine crossed the Suez Canal heading for the Red Sea. The Egyptian government had permitted the use of the Suez Canal for this patrolling by the Israeli submarine. By quoting sources from the Israeli military, the Israeli news channel had said that the Israeli submarine was heading further for the Persian Gulf. As per sources, this Israeli action was to issue a warning to Iran, speaking the language of Israel’s annihilation.

Israeli submarines keeping a watch on Iran, informs Israeli military officialThe Israeli military refrained from commenting regarding the report. But two days ago, the spokesman of Israel military Brigadier General Hidai Zilberman exposed the information regarding the Israeli submarines while talking to a Saudi Arabian daily. Zilberman clarified that the Israeli submarines are sailing around peacefully, and Israel keeps a close watch on the Iranian activities.

The Israel military spokesman clarified that he had information that Iran may use territories in the Gulf countries of Iraq or Yemen, under its influence, to attack Israel. Zilberman claimed that Iran might use drones and smart missile to launch attacks on Israel from these territories. Zilberman did not elaborate further in the matter. But a few days ago, Houthi rebels had claimed that it had missiles capable of launching attacks in southern Israel. This increases the gravity of the claims made by Zilberman.

Israeli submarines keeping a watch on Iran, informs Israeli military officialMeanwhile, Brigadier General Zilberman warned that the attacks on the Iranian locations in Syria would not stop. In the last year, Israel used 500 missiles to attack the Iranian sites in Syria. This has increased the pressure on Iran, and Zilberman said that Israel is unwilling to let this pressure subside under any circumstances.

Iran is accusing that the United States and Israel are preparing to attack Iran, and President Trump will initiate this attack before the end of his term. Whereas, President Trump recently warned Iran that if US citizens in Iraq are attacked, the United States will hold Iran responsible for the attack. This has made the situation tense in the Gulf.

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