Iran-backed militia groups lay siege to the office of Iraq PM

Baghdad: – Two days ago, an Iraqi security agency arrested the chief of Iran-backed terrorist group PMF. Infuriated by this, the PMF terrorists lay siege on the office of the Iraqi Prime Minister. After that, on deploying a military unit to protect the Prime Minister, the locals claim anarchy in the capital Baghdad. Meanwhile, the military and the Kurdish Peshmerga militant group have joined hands for the actions against terrorists.   


Two days ago, the Iraqi military arrested Qassim Mahmoud Musleh, leader of the Iran affiliated terrorist group Al-Hashd Al-Shabi, early in the morning. He has been charged with terrorist activities, murder and corruption. It was announced that the Iraqi investigation agencies would be interrogating Musleh. Following the arrest of Musleh, PMF terrorists surrounded the Prime Minister’s office located in the high-security Green Zone in Baghdad.   

There are foreign embassies along with the government offices in the Green Zone. Therefore, Baghdad has become unstable after the PMF terrorists wielding rifles and guns surrounded the Prime Minister’s office. Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi lashed out at the action of the PMF terrorists. Prime Minister Kadhimi criticised that trying to pressurise the government with an armed action violates the Iraqi constitution.  

Anti-terrorist squad also has reached the spot along with the Iraqi military for the security of the Prime Minister’s office; the locals informed that the situation in the Green Zone is terrifying. PMF chief Musleh has been accused of the murder of Ihab Al-Wazni, the organiser of protests at Karbala in Iraq. Moreover, the orders for the rocket attack on the Al-Assad airbase in Iraq also had been issued by Musleh.  

US soldiers are deployed on the Al-Assad airbase near the capital Baghdad. There have been rocket and drone attacks on the airbase four times in the last month. Accusations were made that the Iran affiliated terrorist organisation PMF was involved in these attacks. International media are claiming that Musleh has been arrested for the attacks on the US airbase.  

It is claimed that with this action against Musleh, tension has been created between Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi and PMF and its supporter Iran. Moreover, Prime Minister Kadhimi has decided to take assistance from the Kurdish Military outfit, Peshmerga. Iran and Turkey could react to this decision of the Iraqi Prime Minister. 

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