Japan increases defence spending for 9th successive year to counter rising Chinese aggression

Tokyo: Against the background of the Coronavirus, aggressive Chinese domination activities are continuing, and Japan is making intense preparations to counter them. On Monday, Japan announced a provision of nearly USD 52 billion for the defence sector. This is an increase of 1.1% over the last year. This is the ninth successive year of growth in the Japanese defence expenditure. It was informed at this time that the Japanese focus would be on indigenously built stealth fighter jet, long-range anti-destroyer missiles and compact warships.   


china-japan-3-dec-22China has increased its aggressive activities in the South China Sea to a great extent. The ambition of acquiring control over the entire South and the East China Sea is behind the actions. Chinese destroyers, submarines and patrol vessels pose challenges to the Japanese sovereignty in the East China Sea, near Japan. In May, China had deployed its aircraft carrier Liaoning and Strike Group in the East China Sea region, near Japan. Claims of Chinese fighter jets attempting intrusion into the Japanese airspace have also been made.   

china-japan-1-dec-22Against this background, former Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, had started making major changes to the Japanese defence policies. The consistent increase in the defence expenditure also is a part of this changed defence policy. Yoshihide Suga, who took over as the Prime Minister from Shinzo Abe, also has indicated continuing with the same policies. As per the information given on Monday, Japan has made a provision of USD 51.7 billion for the year 2021.   

Two days ago, Japan announced long-range anti-destroyer missiles to target dangerous movements of destroyers sailing near the Japanese marine region. Even in the past, Japan has announced many schemes to increase the capabilities of its defence forces. Indigenously built stealth fighter jets and assistance are being sought from the Lockheed Martin company in the United States for the project.  

In September, Japan announced granting permission to its defence forces to carry out attacks even in enemy territory. Before that, Japan had given indications of developing hypersonic missiles and aircraft carriers. In August, Japan’s ruling party passed a proposal for an Integrated Air Defence and Missile Base to be developed in Japan. Moreover, Japan has indicated a substantial increase in the defence equipment purchased from the United States. These include F-35 fighter jets, super-advanced Aegis radar systems, Patriot missiles, BGM-109 Tomahawk cruise missiles and drones. 


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