European countries should learn a lesson from history and reconsider their stand about Iran

Third World WarJerusalem: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned ‘The Iranian government strengthened because of the economic cooperation from the European countries, is oppressing its people. The European countries are also responsible for the atrocities against the Iranian people. This is the right time to change the policies regarding Iran, learning a lesson from history.’


Two days ago, six European countries announced the continuation of trade with Iran, removing the USD from the equation, using the INSTEX system. The European countries Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway and Sweden think that trade can be continued with Iran, bypassing the US sanctions. The Israeli Prime Minister severely criticised the decision and termed it as the worst decision to date.

Netanyahu showered vitriolic criticism ‘Hundreds of innocent people protesting against the Iran government are being killed and buried. When Iran is killing its people and with all these things happening in Iran, the European countries are supporting a murderer regime. The European countries should feel ashamed of their mistake.’

European countries should learn a lesson from history and reconsider their stand about IranPrime Minister Netanyahu pointed out that the discontent is rising not only in the Iranian people but also in the people from other countries in the Gulf. For this, Netanyahu referred to the anti-Iran protests being held in Lebanon.

‘Prime Minister Netanyahu pointed out the mistake of the European nations ‘The people coming on the streets in Iran, Iraq and Lebanon are being slaughtered. Still, people have not stopped protesting. The tyrant Iranian government orders firing on the protestors. Even then, the protestors are not willing to keep quiet.’

Other than Iran, people of Iraq and Lebanon are also tired of the governments supported by Iran. The Israeli Prime Minister blamed “The people are frustrated with the corruption, crumbling economy, the looting of the country’s wealth and increasing Iranian influence. This is why the people have resorted to protests. At such a time, when the countries and people in the Gulf are standing with the protestors, the European countries are covering up for the Iranian government.”

Netanyahu warned ‘These European countries should have the conscience to change their stand regarding Iran, in time. This is the right time to increase pressure on Iran. This is the time to support the US sanctions against Iran. The people and the history will never forgive the country that will pamper Iran despite all this. Therefore, this is the correct time to change the stand.’

A large number of people have been killed during the protests going on in Iran, Iraq and Lebanon since the last one and a half month. Concerns are being expressed that 366 have been killed in Iran, 400 in the Iraqi military action and more than 200 have been killed in Lebanon.

The Iranian leaders are accusing the United States, Saudi and Israel of instigating the protestors and also that this is a part of a dreaded conspiracy against Iran.

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