Dhruvastra ready for induction in the air force, final testing successful

New Delhi/Pokhran: – Four tests of the anti-tank Dhruvastra missile were conducted at the Pokhran range in Rajasthan. The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) informed that these tests conducted from the light helicopter from the Indian Air Force (IAF) fleet were successful. With these four tests, the testing process of Dhruvastra is complete, and the missile will soon be inducted into the IAF.   


NAAG, the anti-tank guided missile, is already inducted in the IAF. These missiles are also known as Helina. The development program for the NAAG missile was initiated under the guidance of former Indian President and the Missile Man of India, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, in 1990. These missiles were inducted into the military fleet in 2019. Although it took a long time from starting the missile development program to the actual induction of the missile in the military fleet, the DRDO has made changes to the rockets to make them contemporary. A new version of the missile that can be launched from a helicopter is also ready to be inducted into the military fleet. The NAAG missiles in the military fleet have a range of 4 kilometres. Whereas the range of Dhruvastra, the version that can be launched from the helicopter, is 7 to 10 kilometres. This missile chases the target at a speed of 828 kilometres per hour. These missiles are known as the ultramodern anti-tank missiles in the world. DRDO informed that the Dhruvastra could accurately hit the target during the day and night and even in any weather conditions.   

All the four missiles, tested in the Pokhran desert from the Dhruv helicopters, hit the assigned targets with accuracy. DRDO said that the rockets demonstrated their capability during the tests. These tests were conducted for the Army and the Air force. These missiles will be deployed on the Dhruv helicopters in the IAF fleet. These missiles will make it easy to target the enemy’s tanks and armoured vehicles, even in arduous terrains. These were the final tests for the Dhruvastra missiles. These have qualified for induction in the IAF fleet. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh has congratulated the DRDO for successfully testing the rockets for the Army and the IAF. 

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