Chinese Foreign Ministry indicates China’s willingness to take action against Jaish Chief, Masood Azhar

Beijing: China has indicated that action can be taken in the UN Security Council against Jaish Chief Masood Azhar. This Chinese stance that saved Masood Azhar four times, forwarding a technical reason, is a significant deviation. Talks had already started that China will have to reconsider its position, in view of the increasing pressure applied by the United States, the United Kingdom, France and India. The western media had claimed that China is making efforts to come out clean off the Azhar issue, maintaining its dignity. These claims have been proved correct, and the Chinese foreign ministry announced that action can be taken against Masood Azhar if a proper procedure is followed. 


40 Indian soldiers had been martyred in the terror attack at Pulwama. It was exposed that Jaish-e-Mohammed perpetrated the attack and the organisation had accepted the responsibility of the attack. It had severe repercussions at the international level. The United States, the United Kingdom and France had submitted a proposal for action against Masood Azhar, in the UN Security Council. China tried to save Azhar once again, forwarding a technical reason, in the ‘1267 Al Qaeda Sanctions Committee’. Violent reactions had been received from India, regarding the Chinese action. The United States, the United Kingdom and France also had warned China over the matter. These major countries had warned China, blaming it of protecting a terrorist.

France and the United States had warned China that if it was going to continue to protect Masood Azhar using its special powers, other options were available to them, to take action against Azhar. China was forced to adopt a defensive stance following this. Although India had avoided taking an aggressive stance in the matter, it clearly indicated to China that this Chinese position could have a detrimental effect on the Indo-Chinese relations. At that time, it was clear that China was isolated in the UN Security Council. Therefore, the analysts claimed that China would not be able to stop the action against Azhar, for a long time. A few days ago, China was ready for a lawsuit against Azhar, and as per reports, China is only striving to save its dignity.

As expected, Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang expressed willingness for a compromise regarding the Azhar issue. Shuang said that action could be taken against Azhar if proper procedure is followed. China is trying to portray that it has not come to a compromise, putting certain conditions in this matter. This significant deviation in the Chinese stance is considered to be a major political victory for India.

Declaring Masood Azhar, the Chief of Jaish as an international terrorist means accepting Pakistan as a hub for terrorists. This is the reason China has been saving Azhar till date. But it does not seem possible anymore, and Pakistan will also receive a major jolt with this action. Pakistan Foreign Minister, himself had accepted that Azhar was in Pakistan.

What to do about Azhar after the UN Security Council action? Will be the daunting question faced by Pakistan. The Pakistan government will be forced to take action against Azhar, after the UN Security Council decision. At the same time, extremist groups in Pakistan have strongly opposed action against Azhar, and they have threatened major bloodshed if any action was taken.

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