The Indo-China border dispute will certainly cost China, warn Indian analysts

New Delhi: – The talks between senior military officials, regarding the dispute created, because of the infiltration by Chinese soldiers, into Indian territory, fell through. Therefore, it is evident that the border dispute is not going to end soon. Moreover, the tension has increased further with China deploying defence equipment and weapons on a large scale, in the region. In response, India also has increased the deployment of soldiers and weapons in the region. As per reports, soldiers from both the sides have come prepared for a long-time assignment, in the region.

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Although India and China are not giving any official reactions on the border dispute, concerns are being expressed that the dispute could take a worse turn. India does not expect war, but India has taken a strong stand that it will not let even an inch of Indian land fall into anyone else’s hands. Whereas, China is claiming that this is its own territory and indicating that it will not back off. International repercussions, of the dispute, are being heard and even the United States has apparently taken serious cognisance of the issue.

Currently, the global opinion is against China, over the issue of mishandling of Coronavirus pandemic. Also, the Chinese aggression in the issues of the South China Sea, Hongkong, Taiwan and Wuhan, has become a cause for concern on the international level. Indian analysts are claiming that in this scenario, China has shot itself in the foot, raising a border dispute with India. As per the military analysts, China, who infiltrated the Indian territory with complete preparations, was not expecting that the Indian soldiers will stop them and retaliate in a similar language.

Therefore, now China has only two options, either back out like Doklam or start negotiating with India. Whichever option China chooses, it will have to face losses or embarrassment. Therefore, the Indian analysts are claiming that China will certainly be at a loss in the border dispute with India. As per these analysts, the longer China takes to withdraw from the region, more damage will be caused to the Chinese image as a strong military power. Therefore, there are indications that it is likely that the infiltration into Ladakh and the delaying tactics thereafter will boomerang on China itself.

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