Israeli Foreign Minister’s historic visit to UAE; Israel embassy started in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi: On Tuesday, Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid visited the United Arab Emirate- UAE. At the time, Foreign Minister Lapid inaugurated the first-ever Israeli Embassy in the Middle East located in Abu Dhabi. This is a landmark event, so Lapid appealed to other Middle Eastern nations to speak with Israel. Moreover, Foreign Minister Lapid expressed his gratitude to former US President Donald Trump and ex-Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu for the Israel-UAE cooperation.  


Nine months ago, the United States mediated political cooperation between Israel and UAE, Bahrain. So, the then Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, visited UAE to accelerate this cooperation. But, he had to postpone this visit due to the Hamas attack on the Gaza Strip. On Tuesday, while inaugurating the Embassy, Israeli Foreign Minister Lapid specially mentioned the efforts of Trump and Netanyahu to establish this cooperation between Israel and Arab nations.   

‘Israel chose peace over war, cooperation over conflict; moreover, it also considered its valuable future over its unpleasant memories from the past. Thus, Israel and UAE are standing together,’ Foreign Minister Lapid declared. At the same time, ‘even though the ministers have agreed on cooperation, it is up to the citizens to establish peace,’ the Israeli Foreign Minister appealed.   

‘Israel wants peace with all its neighbours. We are not going anywhere, and the Middle East is our home. So, the nations in this region should comply and come forward to talk with Israel,’ Israeli Foreign Minister Lapid appealed. The Israeli Foreign Minister met his UAE counterpart, Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan and held discussions. Before visiting the UAE, the Israeli Foreign Minister met his Bahrain counterpart in Italy.  

Meanwhile, by meeting leaders of the Middle Eastern nations and appealing to those nations to cooperate with Israel, the Bennett administration is forming a strong front against Iran, claim the Israeli media.  

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