Unwarranted rise in Chinese patrol ships movements in Japanese maritime region  

Tokyo:  Japan has accused the Chinese navy and coast guard of making aggressive moves in the Japanese maritime region. Japan has said that in February, the Chinese patrol ships invaded Senkaku Islands for 26 out of 28 days. Moreover, Japan has responded to this Chinese invasion. But it also expressed concern about the alarming rise in the movements of Chinese patrol ships in the Japanese maritime region.   

Chinese patrol ships

On 1st February, China raised the powers of its coast guard. Moreover, the Chinese Communist Regime has empowered the coast guard to attack any foreign ship if seen patrolling in the waters claimed by China. A month ago, China had warned that no other ship could sail in the Chinese maritime region without the People’s Liberation Army’s approval. The Chinese Coast Guard patrol ships have increased their intrusion in the waters ever since.  

Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan, Katsunobu Kato, informed about the rising intrusion by the Chinese patrol ships. Kato said that the patrol boats had raised their intrusion in the Senkaku Islands region since the communist regime raised the powers of the navy and coast guard. Besides, five to six of these Chinese ships dangerously sailed towards the Japanese fishing boats. Kato said that the Chinese invasion near the Senkaku Islands and the Japanese maritime region is severe. Earlier, Japan had also accused China of intruding on the region with its coast guard and the destroyer ships of the Chinese navy. Last year, the Chinese destroyers and patrol boats had intruded in the Japanese waters for more than 300 days. Thus, Japan has raised concern that China will increase its presence aggressively in the East and the South China Sea after the rise in power. Against this background, Japan has appealed to the United States to take a strong stance against this rising Chinese intrusion. 


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