Africa: Sudan and Ethiopia at war

Khartoum/Addis Ababa: – Sudan military informed that Sudan has declared a war against Ethiopia, over the border dispute.  It is claimed that the Sudanese military has gained control over the Al-Fashqa province on the Sudan-Ethiopia border. The Ethiopian government has endorsed the Sudanese claim and has warned that if the dispute is not resolved through negotiations, Ethiopia will launch a counter-attack. Ethiopia alleged that Egypt has instigated Sudan to declare war against Ethiopia.   

Sudan and Ethiopia share a 1,600 kilometres long border and certain parts of the border have still not been demarcated. The Al-Fashqa province in Sudan shares a 600 kilometres long border with Ethiopia and this has always been a point of dispute. Although the Al-Fashqa province is traditionally a part of Sudan, the Ethiopian regimes has permitted its citizens to intrude into this region. Ethiopia had even deployed military units for their protection.   

Former Sudanese military Dictator, Omar Al-Bashir ignored this dispute. The Tigre clan from Ethiopia and their good relations with the government dominated by them was the reason for this. But in the last two years, with changes in Sudanese and Ethiopian governments, this border dispute has once again come on the anvil. Ethiopian Prime Minister Abi Ahmed started an open military conflict, in the last month, against the Tigre province. It is said that Sudan assisted the rebels and the population during this conflict. After that, this border dispute seems to have been forwarded again.  

Sudan has sent military units in the Al-Fashqa province, for expelling Ethiopian citizens. It is said that the Sudanese military has gained control over more than 60% of the province. Sudan has warned that it will take over the entire province and will talk to Ethiopia, only after that. While replying to this, the Ethiopian government has said that the Ethiopian military is ready to defence its sovereignty. Simultaneously, the spokesman of the Ethiopian foreign ministry said that other countries are trying to create tension between Sudan and Ethiopia.  

Criticism is being made of the Sudanese military action in the Ethiopian media and social media and it is being accused that Egypt is behind this. There is a dispute over the distribution of the Nile river, between Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia. Although Egypt has consented to certain Sudanese demands, it has completely rejected the Ethiopian demands. The dispute is consistently festering since the last few years and even the United States has tried meditating in the dispute.   

Talks held a few months ago, regarding the dispute, failed without any solution. After that, Egypt has started efforts to isolate Ethiopia with the help of Sudan. After Ethiopia started a conflict in the Tigre province, Egypt held comprehensive war exercises with Sudan. It is said that the objective of these exercises was to increase pressure on Ethiopia. Only after these exercises, Sudan sent its military units to the Al-Fashqa province to initiate the action. Therefore, Ethiopian analysts are claiming that Egypt is pulling strings in the Sudan-Ethiopia conflict.   

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