If violence is not stopped, military will be deployed, warns President Donald Trump

Washington: – US President Donald Trump has warned that military will have to be deployed if the local agencies fail in controlling the violence in different parts of the United States, following the death of black citizen George Floyd. At the same time, Trump also accused that Antifa, the anarchist, extremist organisation, is behind the violence. More than 75 US cities are witnessing demonstrations, and curfew has been clamped in more than 40 cities. More than 5,000 rioters have been detained for attacking the police as well as looting and arson.


US, military deployment

Last week, a 46-year-old black citizen, George Floyd, died during a police action in the city of Minneapolis. Derek Chauvin, the police officer responsible for the death, has been charged with homicide and three other officers have been suspended. But the protests, targeting Trump, are continuing to highlight the issue of atrocities against the black community in the United States. The demonstrations being held since the last seven days have now turned violent, and there are incidents of looting and arson in many US cities.

National Guards, totalling more than 16,000, have been deployed in many cities in 24 states. But Trump has issued this ultimatum as the violence is continuing unabated. While releasing the ultimatum, Trump has also criticised that the local state administrations are not cooperating properly.

US, Military deployment

President Trump issued a blunt warning by stating that the local administrations can deploy National Guards, the reserved military force, in case of an emergency situation. The situation can be controlled with a sufficient deployment of this force. But if the local administrations oppose the necessary action, he would deploy the military and control the situation. At the same time, Trump accused that a particular group is behind the violence and it will not be spared.

President Trump indicated a decisive action saying by saying groups like Antifa, the ‘traders of anarchy’ and ‘extremism’, are perpetrating violence in the United States. These groups must remember that they will face punishments of criminal nature for spreading an atmosphere of terror in the country. On Sunday, President Trump had warned that Antifa would be declared as a terrorist organisation. The US President also claimed that although the anger in the people, following the death of Floyd, is justified, the perpetrators of violence are taking undue advantage of the situation.

President Trump visited St. John’s Church, in Washington, before issuing the warning of military deployment at the press conference in the White House. A violent mob had vandalised the church on Sunday. President Trump’s visit becomes significant against this background. Meanwhile, a severe reaction has been received from the opposition party regarding the announcement made by Trump regarding military deployment. Democratic Party leader and former Vice-President, Joe Biden, fired a salvo of criticism saying that President Trump will be using the military against the people of the United States.

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