US will convince the world that Coronavirus originated from China, US State Secretary Mike Pompeo 

Washington: – US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced ‘The Coronavirus pandemic, which claimed hundreds of thousands of lives and brought the global economy to grinding halts has originated from China. China knew about the pandemic in December itself. But China did not reveal this information. The United States will not stop short of exposing this lie to the world.’ This looks like the United States is blowing a trumpet of a political war, against China.  


The US Secretary of State once again clarified that China must be made accountable for the immense loss of life and the immeasurable damage to the global economy. The United States is already making efforts to bring the economies of the countries, who have suffered enormous losses due to the pandemic, back on track. Pompeo said that at the same time, efforts on the political level are being made to pin the responsibility of the Coronavirus pandemic on China.   

Saying ‘China had the complete information regarding the Coronavirus in December, itself. But still, China did not reveal this information to the International community and the people of China and violated International conventions. A long list of Chinese deeds, to hide the information regarding the Coronavirus, can be read and the United States will be doing exactly that.’ Pompeo indicated the opening of an international political front against China.   

Pompeo warned that if China is not going to be transparent and will continue to trample the fundamental laws of Human rights, the United States will stop all the trade with China. Robert O’Brien, the National Security Advisor to President Trump, also asserted that the origin of the Coronavirus pandemic was in China. O’Brien said that the Coronavirus has originated from one of the two laboratories in Wuhan.  

Meanwhile, along with US President Donald Trump and US State Secretary Mike Pompeo, the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia and Taiwan also have started exerting pressure on China, on the Coronavirus issue. 

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