China accuses the US of threatening peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait

Beijing/Washington – On Tuesday, a US destroyer patrolled the marine region near Taiwan. The reaction has been received from China regarding this. China has accused that the United States is threatening the peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait. In contrast, the Taiwanese defence ministry has issued a statement saying that the situation in the marine region is normal.


U.S. warship, Taiwan Strait, Indo-Pacific,Tsai Ing-wen, Joe Biden,ChinaUSS Curtis Wilber, an advanced missile destroyer from the US Seventh fleet, patrolled the Taiwan Strait. This is the second patrolling by USS Curtis Wilber in the marine region in three months. The US navy clarified that this patrolling was a part of the routine mission. Moreover, it was carried out within the framework of the international regulations.

The US navy published a statement that the United States is committed to the open and free Indo-Pacific sector. The patrolling by the destroyer is in accordance with the policy. US defence forces will continue to carry out these missions within the framework of international regulations. The Taiwanese defence ministry has endorsed the mission of the US destroyer. It clarified that the destroyed sailed towards the south through the Strait.

U.S. warship, Taiwan Strait, Indo-Pacific,Tsai Ing-wen, Joe Biden,China

But China has objected to the US patrolling and the subsequent statement. Chinese Eastern Theatre Command accused ‘The United States is delivering an inappropriate message to those supporting Taiwanese independence. The United States is making conscious efforts to increase the tension in the region. The US activities threaten the peace and stability of the region.’

Meanwhile, Taiwanese analysts have claimed that Taiwan can play a vital role if a war is sparked between the United States and China. Sih Pai Syuh, the cyber expert with the National Defence and Security Research, has clarified this in an article written by him. Syuh pointed out that the Marine Corps, a part of the US defence forces, can use Taiwan as their base during the conflict with China.

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