US State Secretary’s claim to use Indian airspace to launch attacks in Afghanistan creates stir in Pakistan

Washington – US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that the US is talking to India about using Indian airspace to launch attacks in Afghanistan; because Qatar and Doha are a little bit away from Afghanistan.’ Blinken’s remarks at a hearing before the US Congress caused panic in Pakistan. Some Pakistani journalists have blurted out claims that India, the US, and Israel will jointly launch attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan. At the same time, Pakistan is worried that its efforts to bring the Haqqani network terrorists’ government to Afghanistan will be wasted.


India, Pakistan, US, Afghanistan, Antony Blinken, Indian AirspaceSpeaking before a US House of Representatives committee, Secretary of State Blinken made it clear that he intended to use India’s north-western airspace to launch attacks in Afghanistan. Blinken said that the US is in talks with India in this regard.’ But the details are not given by Blinken. While claiming, Blinken also strongly indicated that the United States was reconsidering its relations with Pakistan. However, it is uncertain whether the US is really discussing with India or it is warning Pakistan. The United States had demanded a military base from Pakistan during the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. But Pakistan had rejected the demand.

Besides, if terrorist organizations re-emerge in Afghanistan, the United States will develop bases in neighbouring countries of Afghanistan to launch attacks on the terrorist bases. Pakistan, which shares its border with Afghanistan, can be used more effectively. Earlier, the United States had used Pakistani bases to attack the Taliban in Afghanistan. But this time, Pakistan is unwilling to let the US do that. The US is signalling that the refusal will cost Pakistan dearly. Pakistan is worried that if the US launches attacks on the Taliban in Afghanistan from Pakistan, the Taliban will then start a vicious spate of sabotage in Pakistan.

Against this backdrop, the US Secretary of State disclosed sensational information creating turmoil in Pakistan. This has had far-reaching repercussions, with Pakistani journalists and analysts reacting in a mixed manner. Some Pakistani journalists have made absurd claims that India, the US, and Israel will launch joint attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan. So far, Israel has not made any specific comments on the situation in Afghanistan. In such a tense situation, Pakistani journalists and analysts have started calling Israel a part of a broader conspiracy, against their country, by mentioning Israel along with the US and India.

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