US shutdown ends after three days

Washington: The Democratic party passed the short-term additional spending bill after assurance from the ruling Republican Party. The US shutdown of 69 hours ended on Monday night because of this. The US president Donald Trump has hailed this as a major victory. It is claimed that this has avoided a major disaster.

US-shutdown‘Shutdown’ was announced in the US from Friday midnight. The Democratic party had enforced the ‘shutdown’ by blocking the additional budget proposal brought by President Trump. The US defence agencies and administrative staff would have to go on compulsory leave. This could have affected the internal operations in the US.

In view of this, the Republican Party members were in discussion with the Democratic leaders. The Democrats had taken a stand that if their demands are met, only then will they pass the additional budget. The Democrats had raised the point of illegal immigrants in the US.

The Democrats were demanding that about seven hundred thousand illegal immigrants should be officially permitted to live in the US and the Republican Party should discuss this matter. After the Republican Party conceded to this demand, a fresh vote was taken on the additional short-term spending bill proposal on Monday night.

81 senators voted in favour of the financial provisions proposal up to 8th of February. This included 32 Democratic senators. Whereas 18 senators voted against the financial provisions proposal. In the US House of Representatives, 266 voted in favour and 150 voted against the financial provisions proposal. Being cleared in the House of Representatives and the Senate, the proposal was sent to President Trump for signature.

President Trump welcomed this. He said this is a major victory of the efforts for US development. President Trump taunted, ‘The Democrats have proved that they have not lost their sanity by passing this budget for the US army, border security forces and other institutions’. The Democrats have expressed resentment over President Trump’s remarks.

President Trump has ordered deportation of more than seven hundred million refugees residing illegally in the US. These include refugees from Mexico, Latin America as well as people from African – Asian countries. President Trump had criticised that the US security is under threat due to these illegal refugees. Some Democratic leaders are unhappy about this order and they are strongly opposing it. The three-day ‘shutdown’ was a result of these disputes.

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