US sets up military base in Pakistan to attack Taliban in Afghanistan

Kabul – The US President had announced that the United States would make alternative arrangements in the neighbouring countries before withdrawing the military from Afghanistan. After that, claims were being made that the United States will deploy the army, withdrawn from Afghanistan, in Pakistan. The Pakistan Foreign Minister had taken a bold stand that the US military will not be allowed to set foot on the Pakistan land. But it has been exposed that the United States has set up its military base in Pakistan near the Afghan border. Journalists from Pakistan are warning that the country will have to face major consequences for this.


Financial Action Task Force,FATF,G7,Taliban, Afghanistan,Durand Line,US Military base,PakistanThe US military base has been set up near the Durand Line, between Pakistan and Afghanistan, in the Paktia-Kurram region. Locals have informed that nearly 8 to 10 helicopters take off from the base every day. Also, new posts have been set up in the Shalozan and Terminal regions. As per locals, these posts are for the security of the military base. Therefore, it is clear that even if the United States withdraws its military from Afghanistan, it will not be giving up its control over the country. Indications are that the United States will use this base to assist the Afghan military and launch attacks on the Taliban.

The US officials in Afghanistan are not willing to reveal any information regarding this. But reports are being consistently received that the US air force is launching attacks on the Taliban in the fierce battle going on between the Afghan military and Taliban. Hundreds of Taliban terrorists are being killed in the airstrikes. Because of the airstrikes, it is also evident that Pakistan has allowed the United States to use its airspace. Therefore, the attacks on the Taliban are being carried out in concurrence with Pakistan.

Over the past few weeks, there have been reports in the media claiming that the Taliban pose a major threat to Pakistan. The Pakistan strategy behind these claims is being revealed now. The United States exerted tremendous pressure on Pakistan to make the military base available. Warnings like blacklisting in the Financial Action Task Force and making Pakistan bankrupt by stopping the financial aid had been issued. Therefore, Pakistan had no other option but to accede to the US demand. But to date, there has been no agreement on the official level between the two countries. Therefore, it seems that this cooperation is currently at an unofficial level.

Pakistan is trying to save its reputation by hiding information regarding this. But reports regarding this have been carried in the Afghan, Iranian and Russian media. The Russian media said that they had the proof of the US bases in Pakistan and claimed that the Pakistan military was preparing these bases along with the United States. Therefore, Russian, Iranian and Chinese displeasure could spell trouble for Pakistan in the coming times. At the same time, the Pakistan journalists have started expressing fears that the Taliban, infuriated with the Pakistani cooperation with the United States, who has been carrying out attacks on the Taliban, might trigger fierce terror attacks in Pakistan.

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