United States and Saudi hold anti-drone exercises

Riyadh: – US marines and the Saudi military held anti-drone exercises. The US CENTCOM informed that soldiers from both countries practised targeting and neutralising surveillance and attack drones during the exercises. The intensity of drone attacks is increasing on the US and Saudi military and other vital locations. A few days ago, CENTCOM Chief General Kenneth McKenzie had expressed concerns over this. In view of this, the importance of the exercises increases further.  


CENTCOM, responsible for the security of the US interests in the Mideast and Central Asia, released the information regarding the exercises. The exercises were conducted using ‘Marine Air-Ground Task Force’ and ‘Marine Air Defence Integrated system’. These systems are used to target and neutralise low flying surveillance and attack drones. CENTCOM informed that it becomes easy to target the short-range drones using these systems installed on military vehicles.   

The Houthi rebels in Yemen also have been targeting fuel projects and military locations in Saudi using drones. Only a few hours ago, the Houthi rebels targeted a passenger airport and a school building. The United States and Egypt had criticised these attacks. Egypt said that Saudi has exclusive rights to take steps for its security.   

Terrorist organisations like Al Qaeda and IS also use commercial drones to carry out attacks. The use of drones has increased in the last few years, as drones are light and inexpensive. The attacks are carried out using grenades, mortars or acid. These drones had been used to attack US military base in Iraq.   

A few days ago, CENTCOM Chief General Kenneth McKenzie had expressed concerns over these drone attacks on the US military bases in Iraq. General McKenzie said that the Iran-affiliated terrorist organisations are carrying out these drone attacks to expel the US military from Iraq. These exercises between the US and Saudi military, within a few days, becomes significant against this background.   

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