US risks nuclear war with Russia over Assad regime: Political Analyst Patrick Welch

claims US political analyst

obama AFPThe US will have to launch nuclear war against Russia in order to accomplish its objective in Syria, claims American author and political analyst Patrick Daniel Welch. The US with its allies, having failed to oust Assad’s government in Syria, will be pushed to take this step, affirms Patrick. 

In an interview to the Iranian news channel ‘Press TV’, Patrick referred to the statements that the US Secretary of State John Kerry made in Geneva. Kerry had warned that the Syrian President would have to step down. Assad however, had expressed his readiness not just to negotiate with the political opposition in Syria but also to form a coalition government following the elections slated for August.

putin AFPBut Kerry made it very clear that it was just not going to be possible to arrive at any kind of compromise and that Assad ought to accept a political transition, indicating quite obviously that the US was evidently reluctant to see Assad on the Syrian political scene at all, so Patrick points out. The target date for the political transition was 1st August. But the US is all set to achieve its objective even before that by bringing down Assad.

Ever since the civil war broke out in Syria, the US has been very adamant on this stand although it is well aware that its efforts must reckon with powerful opposition from Russia. Assad’s government has always been supported by Russia that has even launched attacks on terrorists and rebels in Syria. In the future, Russia will stick firm to its guns and US will not budge either. So in order to install a government of its choice, the US will have to resort to war against Russia. Should it come to this eventuality, the world will have to count on a nuclear war, warns Patrick.

Meanwhile, if Hillary Clinton were to be elected President, the danger is immense. She will most certainly push the US towards war against Russia or China, alerts Patrick.

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