US President Biden to restart construction of ‘Mexico wall’ to stop illegal infiltration

Washington: – Joe Biden had launched a scathing attack saying that President Trump is burning US funds on the Mexico wall, ignoring the real threats faced by the United States. After assuming power, Biden stopped working on the wall being built on the US-Mexico border within one week. But the Biden administration has confessed that the decision to stop work has to be reversed to restart the work. President Biden could face major flak for this decision.   

Former President Donald Trump had started constructing a 460 miles long wall along the Mexico border to stop the illegal immigrant influx. But Trump faced crushing criticism over the decision. Criticism had been made that this wall was not necessary. During the election campaign, Biden had referred to this wall as a waste of US funds and a means of diverting the attention of the US population from the actual internal issues faced by the United States. Biden had assured that he would stop the work on the wall if he came in power.  

Accordingly, Biden stopped work on the Mexico wall after becoming President. Biden also overturned the Trump decision that illegal entry into the United States will be considered a crime. Infuriated Republican party members showered heavy criticism on Biden regarding this. The Republican party leaders criticised that President Biden is compromising the security of the United States. But Biden was affected by the criticism.   

But the illegal immigration over Mexico increased given these decisions. Flocks of immigrants started entering into the United States. Besides, it is being revealed that the security forces are facing tremendous hardships to stop this influx. Moreover, the Biden administration also reversed the decision to keep the children of these immigrants in separate camps, as there is no space in these camps, being filled with these children. Despite this, some liberal leaders are appealing to President Biden not to stop immigrants.   

But after realising that the border’s situation is getting out of hand, President Biden has decided to restart the construction of the Mexico wall. Alejandro Mayorkas, US Secretary of Homeland Security, informed that the orders to that effect would be issued shortly. Mayorkas clarified that the breaches in the wall would be repaired first. At the same time, the media reports that President Biden was not an all-out opponent of the Mexico wall. The Republican party can claim that Biden, who brought the issue of the Mexico wall, being built by President Trump, on the anvil, taking the work on the Mexico wall forward, amounts to a victory for the policies of former President Donald Trump.  At the same time, some liberals opposed to the wall may target President Biden over the decision to restart the work on the Mexico wall. 

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