US and Philippines practice annual military exercises on the territorial waters of the South China Sea

Over 7000 soldiers from the US and the Philippines will participate in ‘Exercise Balikatan 2019’ (shoulder-to-shoulder), which is about to start in a few hours. In these war exercises which are to take place in the territorial water of the ‘South China Sea’, ‘USS Wasp’, the amphibious assault ship and the ‘Marine Corps regiments’, are going to participate. This exercise will act as an indication to China state the US analysts.

US-PhilippinesNew friendly military alliance are being established between the US and the Philippines. On the background of this established alliance, the amphibious assault ship with the Marine Corps group has headed to the Subic Bay port, two days prior. At the same time, ‘Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Taskforce’, has also been posted. 10 F-35B, stealth Aircraft has also been positioned on this vessel.

The study to combat the natural calamities arising in these territorial waters of the South China Sea, these exercises are being formulated. Soon the Australian group will also be joining in this mission.

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