United States to form ‘Integrated Maritime Force’ against the Chinese aggression

Hong Kong: The United States has started preparations to integrate US Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard, to stop the increasing Chinese influence in the South China Sea region. A Hong Kong based daily claimed that these US actions would only add to the tension already prevailing in the marine region. This claim has been made citing the ‘Advantage at Sea’ report released by the US navy.


United States to form 'Integrated Maritime Force' against the Chinese aggressionLast month, the US navy prepared a report ‘Advantage At Sea’ regarding marine security. The report, prepared by the chiefs of US Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard, gave information regarding the role of each of the three marine forces, for maintaining the US superiority in the marine sector. The report reminded that the United States is a global marine power. Moreover, the report appealed to take rapid steps to maintain marine supremacy. While making this appeal, it was underlined that the US marine superiority faces a threat from Russia and China.

Referring to this report, the Hong Kong daily said that the United States was integrating its marine forces. The report claimed that the United States was making these moves to counter the increasing Chinese influence in the South China Sea region. The United States had accused China of using its naval might to strengthen its claims of the disputed marine regions in the South China Sea. The daily said that the United States would create ways to counter the Chinese navy and coast guard using the new war strategy ‘Advantage at Sea’.

China, who is claiming rights over 90% of the South China Sea region, is heavily dependent on its coast guard, for the islands’ security in this region. The report says that the United States also has made preparations to deploy its coast guard in the South China Sea, to counter the Chinese deployment. The US marine activities in the South China Sea will increase due to this new Advantage at Sea war strategy. Whereas, China claiming rights over the region will challenge the United States. The daily has warned that in that scenario, the competition between China and the United States will become more intense, in the region, leading to increased tension in the region.

Meanwhile, last year China has made huge additions to its naval might. There are nearly 350 warships in the Chinese naval fleet; China has set an objective to take the number beyond 400 during this decade. While increasing the naval might, China has also increased its aggression in the South China Sea region. A few days ago, it was revealed that China, that is bullying Philippines and Vietnam in their marine regions, had sent drone submarines in the Indonesian marine region. Against this background, the United States has made preparations to integrate all its marine forces to counter this Chinese aggression.

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