US and Europe should align against predatory Chinese policies

Beijing/Washington: The United States and the European Union (EU) must align against the Wolf Warrior Diplomacy or predatory diplomatic policies in the South China Sea. EU Ambassador for China, Nicolas Chapuis, said that at the same time, coordination with the countries in the South China Sea needs to be increased to stop Chinese bullying. Chapuis said that these are the expectations EU has from the Biden administration that will soon be taking over the reins of the United States. Meanwhile, as per received information, the Chinese warships started live-fire exercises, after two of the US warships entered the South China Sea.


US and Europe should align against predatory Chinese policiesWhile speaking at an energy symposium in China, Chapuis said that the EU had huge expectations from the new administration in the United States. Chapuis announced ‘Cooperation will be extended to China on the agreeable points. But China has to be opposed where there is disagreement.’ Chapuis clarified that importantly the United States and EU disagree with the aggressive Chinese policies regarding the South China Sea.

US and Europe should align against predatory Chinese policiesChina, who is bullying and threatening the neighbouring countries, has to be stopped. At the same time, the EU Ambassador clarified that the United States and EU are united against the compelling and predatory Chinese policies. The United States and EU should increase coordination with the ASEAN countries, on the issue of the South China Sea. Chapuis expressed confidence that countries Australia and New Zealand also will concur with the stand of the United States and EU regarding the South China Sea.

China, Vietnam, Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia and Taiwan are claiming rights over the South China Sea, which is rich in oil and other mineral deposits. But China has threatened that China has rights over nearly 90% of the sector, denying rights of all the other countries in the region. Meanwhile, President-Elect Joe Biden has said that the like-minded countries will be taken into confidence over the Chinese issues. At the same time, it is also being claimed that Biden’s policies regarding China will be liberal. Therefore, the entire world is focussed on Biden’s policies regarding China.

US and Europe should align against predatory Chinese policiesWhile the EU is inviting the United States to join hands over the South China Sea region, reports of China inciting US warships in the region have been received. Four days ago, Chinese warships Yangzhou, Guangwan and Enshi started unannounced live-fire exercises, when amphibious US warships USS Makin Island and USS Somerset entered the South China Sea. Western media are claiming that these live-fire exercises by the Chinese warships are a warning for the US warships.

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