US deploys F-18 fighter jets in Saudi

US-F18-SaudiWashington – The United States has deployed F-18 Hornet fighter jets in Saudi Arabia, against the background of the tension prevailing in the Middle East. The US Central Command (CENTCOM) informed that these fighter jets have been deployed on the Prince Sultan airbase in Saudi. Iranian news channel claimed that this deployment could be viewed against the background of the Israel-Gaza conflict and the attacks of the Houthi rebels in Yemen. Meanwhile, reports of Greece sending the Patriot air defence system to Saudi also are being received.


US CENTCOM, responsible for security in the Middle East, revealed the information regarding the deployment of F-18 fighter jets through social media. CENTCOM did not disclose the number of fighter jets deployed. But the CENTCOM officials clarified that this deployment is for the security and safety of the region under CENTCOM control.


The conflict between Israel and the terrorists from Gaza is intensifying. Three rocket attacks were launched even from Lebanon into Israel border regions. The UN special envoy has already warned that the Israel-Gaza conflict is heading for a full-blown war. International media claim that if this conflict flared up, the F-18 fighter jets deployed in Saudi could prove handy for the US CENTCOM.

Meanwhile, Greece signed a special agreement with Saudi Arabia for the supply of Patriot air defence systems. As per the agreement, Greece will be supplying six Patriot systems to Saudi Arabia on lease. As per local media reports, the first of the six systems will land soon in Saudi Arabia.

Deployment of the Patriot system in Saudi is a decision to prepare for future challenges. Analysts from the Middle East claimed that Greece and Saudi’s concerned agreement is a warning for Turkey and Iran.

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