US-China trade agreement will be under threat if Tiananmen square episode repeats in Hong Kong, US president warns China

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Washington: – US President, Donald Trump warned that if the ruling Chinese government repeats the Tiananmen Square massacre, in Hongkong, the US-China trade agreement will come under threat. President Trump also made a statement that he hoped that the Hongkong problem would be addressed humanely. President Trump mentioning Tiananmen, against the background of the paramilitary units being assembled in Shenzhen, becomes significant.


In June 1989, the Chinese government had ruthlessly crushed the agitations in Tiananmen Square. China resorted to cruel military action to crush the agitations. Tanks were used in action taken on the 3rd and 4th of June and thousands of unarmed students were killed in action. It is claimed that the number of people killed in action is in multiples of the numbers officially announced by the communist Chinese government.

US-China trade agreement will be under threat if Tiananmen square episode repeatsThe Chinese media had recently claimed that this will not be repeated in Hong Kong. However, the threats that the Chinese government has ways different from that, to crush the agitations, in Hong Kong, were also issued. Therefore, there are clear indications that China is preparing to crush the unrest. But the analysts claimed that the international pressure on China because of the Hongkong and the other issues and the declining economy would make it difficult for China to take any harsh actions.

Linking of the US-China Trade with the agitations in Hong Kong, by President Trump, has increased the troubles for China. China is already in a spot of bother, because of the trade war started by President Trump. The intensifying agitation also is becoming a cause of a headache for the Chinese rulers. Although the United States has warned China over the issue, the United States continues to support the agitation in Hongkong.

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