United States acts against Chinese media spreading the communist agenda

 Washington/ Beijing: The State Foreign Department has accused four Chinese media companies of being agents of the Chinese communist regime. Four of these media houses based in the United States would be referred to as ‘Foreign Missions’. Moreover, these companies are expected to hand over the complete information and the number of American employees to the administration, instructed the Foreign State Department. This decision of the Trump administration is considered the declaration of political war initiated by the United States against China, under the pretext of Coronavirus.   


The companies who the United States has acted against are Global Times, People’s Daily, China Central Television and China News Service. ‘These are no independently run media houses, they are under the influence and control of the ruling communist regime,’ said Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia David Stilwell, supporting this restriction. Furthermore, the Foreign State Department said that the restriction is being imposed so that the US citizens know that these media houses are in favour of the foreign regime.   

Besides, on Monday, after the Trump administration strictly acted against them, the number of China-backed media houses dropped to nine. Earlier, in February, the United States had acted against five Chinese media houses. These media houses included the leading Xinhua, China Global Television Network, China Radio International, China Daily Distribution Corporation and Hai Tian Development.  

China President Xi Jinping has undertaken the control of China entirely. Jinping not only influences the ruling communist party but also on the Chinese army. Moreover, Jinping has failed in controlling the Coronavirus pandemic. However, Jinping is burying his failure by promoting fake news with the help of Chinese communist media. Thus, the restriction imposed by the United States stands significant against this background. 


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