Turkey’s Energy Minister blames US cyber attacks for the power outages in Turkey

Ankara : Turkey has blamed the US for the frequent power outages in major cities in Turkey over the past few days. The Turkish government, in the past also, had accused the US for plotting to overthrow the democratically elected government of Turkey and for assisting terrorists trying to disintegrate Turkey as well. Now, it seems that by leveling this new allegation, Turkey has once again tried to target the US.


Turky's Energy Minister blames US cyber attacks for the power outages in Turkey

Turkey’s Energy Minister ‘Berat Albayrak’, during an interview given to a news channel, blamed the US for the energy crisis in their country. Albayrak alleged that the website and the network related to electricity distribution in Turkey, were subject to cyber attacks directly from the US. These cyber attacks were carried out on the Energy ministry. However, the Turkish Energy Minister claimed that the Turkish agencies successfully repelled these cyber attacks carried out by the US.

Apart from this, the underground networks supplying electricity to three provinces of Turkey, were also attacked, informed Albayrak. This further augmented this energy crisis. Albayrak also said that the personnel of the Energy Ministry are making all-out efforts to solve the crisis. Over the past two weeks, that instances of power outage in the Capital city of Ankara, as also Istambul and some other cities, are on the rise.

Initially, the Turkish agencies had claimed that the severe snowstorms that occurred in major part of Turkey, were the reason for disrupting the power supply. However, two days back, the Energy Ministry of Turkey had expressed doubt of cyber attacks as a possible reason. But now Albayrak, by holding the US directly responsible for this, has increased the tensions between the two countries. The US has so far not given any reaction to these allegations of Turkey.

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