Turkey and Malaysia, who stood against India on Kashmir issue, seek Indian assistance; even Pakistan requests India for Hydroxychloroquine   

New Delhi: – India is receiving requests for Hydroxychloroquine, a medicine found to be effective against the Coronavirus, from the world over. The United States thanked India for the supply of this medicine. Whereas, the Brazilian President said that this medicine supplied by India, is a new lease of life. Till date, nearly 30 countries have requested for supply of this medicine, including Turkey and Malaysia, who had supported Pakistan, taking a stand against India, on the Kashmir issue. Pakistan also has requested for supply of the medicine.  


Coronavirus is spreading rapidly in the world and many countries have demanded Hydroxychloroquine supplies from India. As Hydroxychloroquine, a medicine originally used to treat Malaria, has been found effective in the treatment of Coronavirus, countries like the United States, Israel, Spain and the United Kingdom had demanded for supplies of the medicine from India. Thereafter, India revoked the ban on the export of this medicine, partially, and supplied millions of tablets to these countries.  

The United States, Spain and the United Kingdom were the first to receive the supplies of the medicine from India. Following that, now, India will be supplying the medicine to Russia, United Arab Emirates, Jordan and countries in Latin America and Africa. It is said that this medicine will also be supplied to Uganda and Ecuador.   

Now, Turkey and Malaysia, along with Pakistan, demand the supply of this medicine. Turkey and Malaysia had criticised India, 9 months ago, when India abrogated article 370 of the Indian constitution. Both these countries had made attempts, in collaboration with Pakistan, to raise the issue at the international level. India had reprimanded both these countries in a tough language. India also decided to stop palm oil imports from Malaysia. Now these countries too, are looking at India, with hope, for the supply of Hydroxychloroquine.  

Till date, 1,517 lives have been claimed by Coronavirus, in Turkey and the number of cases has reached 69,392. Whereas, in Malaysia, Coronavirus has claimed 84 lives and the number of cases is 5,182.  

Malaysian Deputy Foreign Minister Kamruddin Jaffer said that India has permitted Malaysia to purchase 89,100 tablets of Hydroxychloroquine. But the demand for more medicines will be made from India. He said everything will depend on the availability of medicine in India.  

Pakistan also has demanded the medicine from India. The current situation is Pakistan is grim. 124 people have died and 6,505 Coronavirus cases have been reported from Pakistan. In the last week, Arif Alvi, the President of Pakistan had said that Pakistan would be importing Hydroxychloroquine from Turkey. But when Turkey is hoping for a supply of Hydroxychloroquine from India, Pakistan also has been reminded of India. The Imran Khan government has requested the Indian government for the supply of Hydroxychloroquine. 

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