Migrant tsunami hitting US-Mexico border, alleges former US President Trump

Washington: – Former US President, Donald Trump accused that the situation on the US borders is completely out of hand and tsunamis of migrants are dashing against the US-Mexico border.  New US President Joe Biden has scrapped all the provisions to stop illegal migrants and has given them an open field. Therefore, a huge number of migrants are assembling on the Mexico border and it has been exposed that the border states and agencies are severely distressed.  


Trump made severe criticism that due to Biden’s bad leadership, the situation on the border is completely out of hand. The officials patrolling the border, acting against the migrants, are being insulted and treated with contempt. Groups of people who don’t deserve to be in this country are entering the United States. Tsunamis of migrants are dashing against the border. A fearful atmosphere is created in the citizens in the border states. Besides, the economies of these states also have collapsed. Hospitals are crowded and the employments of US citizens are being stolen.  

At this time, Trump also accused the Biden administration as being inefficient. Trump said that scrapping the decisions taken during his tenure only demonstrates the inefficiency of the administration and the over-aggressive ideology of the people working for it. He also retorted that the current administration must have cancelled the ‘Remain in Mexico Policy’ and ‘Safe Third Agreements’ as they had been extremely successful.   

Former President Trump has initiated the process to expel illegal migrants. The US State Department had taken many aggressive decisions, internal security department and justice department for this purpose. In 2019, during the State of Union speech, Trump warned that the migrant influx through the border is a national calamity. He attempted stopping the migrant influx by starting the Border Wall’s work, on the Mexico border and deploying additional security on the border.   

But, claiming that former President Trump’s policies were a disgrace to the United States, President Biden issued ordinances awarding total freedom to the migrants. After taking over as the President on 20th January, Biden cancelled the Travel ban and Mexico Wall Project implemented by former President Trump on priority. With the new ordinance, the illegal migrants from Central America were allowed to bring their children into the United States. Also, the migrants who had assembled in Mexico and other Central American countries have, once again, started entering into the United States.   

The US states sharing their border with Mexico have been in trouble because of this migrant influx. The Republican governors and Congressmen from these states have demanded that the Biden administration stops this. Against this background, the accusations levelled by former President Trump become significant. 

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