US President Trump urges the international community to isolate Iran for promoting terrorism and creating instability in the Gulf region

Third World WarNew York: ‘Iran is openly talking about annihilating Israel and is in the process of acquiring nuclear weapons. Iran is supporting terror groups in Syria, Lebanon and Yemen are creating instability in the Middle East region. Therefore, the United States will be imposing harsher sanctions on Iran in the near future. The international community too, should boycott Iran,’ appealed US President Donald Trump. During his speech in the UN General Assembly meeting, President Trump presented his policy before the world with a stress on targeting Iran.


us, iran, un, donald trump, rouhani, international communityUS President Donald Trump was candid while presenting his stance regarding the trade war with China, the Russian policy, the arbitrary behaviour of OPEC and other international issues, in the United Nations’ General Assembly. Although President Trump’s statements on these issues have been publicised widely, his warnings regarding Iran are being analysed more closely by the media world. President Trump termed the nuclear deal signed in 2015, by the United States and the other western countries as ‘horrible’ and clarified that this was the reason that his administration decided to withdraw from the deal. At the same time, Trump also elaborated on the various activities of Iran.

Iran is supporting terror groups in Syria, Lebanon and Yemen. Iran is conspiring to create instability in the Middle East through this. At the same time, President Trump also expressed concern over the Iranian activities saying that the Iranian nuclear ambitions can be a cause of anarchy in the region. Iran has openly threatened annihilation of Israel. It can be disastrous if such a country is allowed to possess nuclear weapons. The US President also reminded that against the background of the Iranian activities, the United States had initiated cooperation with the Gulf countries who had also responded positively.

It is imperative that Iran be stopped. Trump announced that to achieve the same, the United States would be imposing harsher sanctions against Iran in the near future. The Iranian leaders are sowing seeds of anarchy, death and destruction and nothing else will be gained from it. Iran neither cares for its neighbours nor respects their sovereignty. On the other hand, this country promotes international terrorism, was the scathing allegation levelled by the US President. Taking a cue from this, the International community should boycott Iran and end cooperation with Iran at all levels, appealed the US President.


The world is under threat from irresponsible leaders, Iranian President lashes out at the US

New York: Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani gave a vitriolic reply to the crushing criticism showered by US President Donald Trump on Iran, in the UN general assembly. The Iranian President accused the United States of spreading an economic terrorism of sorts by imposing sanctions against Iran. He also blamed the United States for making attempts to overthrow the Iranian government.

us, iran, un, donald trump, rouhani, international communityPresident Rouhani presented his country’s position without directly naming President Trump. A few international leaders are threatening the world security, claimed Rouhani. He added that promoting a single pillar system and opposing a multi-dimensional world cannot be termed as bravery. In fact, this is a sign of intellectual bankruptcy, retorted the Iranian President.

The Iranian President objected to the withdrawal of the United States from the Iranian nuclear deal, terming it as illegal. President Rouhani said in his address at the UN general assembly, ‘If you want international peace, you cannot find a better friend than Iran.’ Rouhani also dismissed the allegation made by the United States that Iran had the ambition to build its own empire.

Iran does not need to build an empire. In the matters of culture and civilisation, Iran is already an empire, said President Rouhani. He also claimed that Iran expects peaceful relations with the Gulf countries too.


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