Patrons of terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir are on the Defense Force radar, 135 arrested

Srinagar: The Indian armed force has initiated a campaign to demolish the patron terrorists, who are providing aid to the terrorists operating in Kashmir. This year, so far, the armed force has arrested 135 people in connection to this, and 125 others are on their watch.

Jammu Kashmir, Radar

Terrorists who infiltrated from the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir are getting a place to hide as the over ground workers. Hence, the local terrorists receive information and ammunition from such sources. Moreover, it has been reported time and again that these terrorists also receive help from local sources. Thus, the Indian armed force has undertaken the campaign to destroy the network of terrorist patrons.

Besides, as per the surfaced news, the armed force has created a list of the suspected over ground workers. This year, the army has arrested 135 over ground workers. Moreover, 125 other over ground workers are on their watch and will be interrogated soon. These arrested workers have been classified into A, B and C division. In this, the workers from the A batch will be arrested under the Social Security Act. The ones from B batch will be arrested, only if required, and the ones in category C will be interrogated, warned and then set free.

This year, 75 terrorists have been killed in encounters, which include 20 commanders from various terrorist outfits. Besides, 20 other terrorists have been caught alive.

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