Civil War will break out after the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan

Washington: – US military withdrawal from Afghanistan is certain. International analyst Christine Fair warned that this military withdrawal would have a direct effect on the security situation in Afghanistan and a civil war will flareup, creating anarchy, in that country. Two days ago, a Taliban delegation visited Pakistan and met Prime Minister Imran Khan. The warning issued by Christine Fair is being viewed against this background.   


US President, Donald Trump is firm on US military withdrawal. In the first ten days of January, 2,000 US soldiers will return to the homeland. The United States is affecting this withdrawal, given the peace deal signed with the Taliban. But the Afghan government and military analysts are demanding that the United States should not trust the Taliban and withdraw the military from Afghanistan. Christine Fair also expressed concerns over the US military withdrawal, while speaking during a virtual conference.   

The Afghan military needs air support for counter-terrorism actions. This assistance is available to the Afghan military while the US military is based in Afghanistan. Fair pointed out that following US withdrawal, this assistance will stop and this will affect the effectiveness of the actions of the Afghan military. At the same time, Fair criticised that US military withdrawal will mean that Afghanistan is being handed over to Pakistan.   

Along with the military withdrawal, the United States is declaring the democracy in Afghanistan as illegal. Fair alleged that an attempt is being made to bring a frail democracy in Afghanistan. Taliban wants exactly this. Fair warned that once the democracy in Afghanistan is scrapped, it will destabilise the country and Pakistan, known to take advantage of the instability, will take the opportunity. At the same time, Fair lashed out at the US policies regarding Pakistan.   

Fair blamed that no firm steps have been taken to curtail Pakistani activities in the last 20 years. The US policies regarding Pakistan, over the last two decades, were flawed. The United States did not make any efforts to curtail the Pakistani influence in Afghanistan. Fair claimed that if these efforts had been made, the Afghanistan problem would not have been created. 

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