Tension rises between US and Iran, oil and Gold rates increase

Tehran/Washington: – US President Donald Trump has issued direct orders to the US navy to destroy all the Iranian patrol vessels in the Persian Gulf, if they cause any nuisance to the US warships, sailing in the Persian Gulf. Infuriated by this warning, Iran has threatened to sink the US warships. Meanwhile, the crude oil rates and Gold rates increased in the international market, riding on the reports of the increased tension between the United States and Iran.


President Trump announced in press conference on Wednesday ‘Henceforth, the United States will not tolerate any irresponsible Iranian actions. If a threat is perceived for the US warships and naval soldiers, sailing through the Persian Gulf, because of the Iranian patrol ships, equipped with artillery guns, the Iranian patrol hips will cease to exist.’ Last week, 11 Iranian patrol ships had sailed dangerously close to the US warships. This is the US reaction on the incident.

Pentagon informed that the orders issued by the US President to the US navy are a clear warning for Iran. US warships have been deployed in the Persian Gulf for some time now and they have orders to take a military action to safeguard their interests. Pentagon said that the US navy has become more active following the President’s orders.

There are 15 US warships in the Persian Gulf. These include aircraft carrier USS Dwight Eisenhower and the amphibious warship USS Baton. Whereas, there are nearly 18,000 big and small ships of the Iranian navy in the Persian Gulf, challenging the United States. More than 25 ships are equipped with short range missiles and more than 600 patrol ships are equipped with machine guns.

These Iranian fast warships have been involved in chasing and abducting ships from the United States and its allies. 33% of the oil transport in the world, passes through this marine sector. In this scenario, the oil rates had increased for some time, in view of the increasing tension in the Persian Gulf. Even today, the oil rates have increased after receiving reports of increasing tension between Iran and the United States, in the Persian Gulf. This has also triggered an increase in the Gold rates.

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