Tata Motors subsidiary ‘TAL’ to export ‘Made In India’ robots to Europe

New Delhi: ‘TAL Manufacturing Solutions Ltd.’, a subsidiary company of Tata Motors is geared up to export completely indigenously made robots to Europe. The ‘TAL’ company has confirmed to have received the ‘CE’ certification which is a requisite to export the robots. The trend of using a robot at a global level has increased in the industrial sector. The alternative of using ‘robots’ presents contradictary opinions as on one hand it is a means to boot industrial growth and on the other hand it is a challenge which can create unemployment amongst labours. Also, due to the recent success of ‘TAL’, Made-in-India ‘robots’ are now entering the global market.

To boost the industrial growth rate, the central government has launched a very ambitious ‘Make In India’ program. As a part of this initiative, the government has clearly specified its intention of prioritising the export of Indian manufactures globally. As a part of this project, the government is attempting to make India a global manufacturing hub. In response to the government’s initiative, the ‘TAL’ company, a subsidiary of Tata motors has manufactured completely indigenous, robots of Indian make. The export of these robots to Europe is a crucial step for the ‘Make In India’ program. The robot developed by ‘TAL’, has been named as ‘BRABO’ by the company.

The company claims to have manufactured the robot in compliance to the Environment, Health and Safety standards. The company also confirmed to have received all the clearance needed to export the robot through a document it released. It has precisely stated that the robot is designed with ‘multifunctional’ capabilities for varied applications like pick and placement of materials, assembly of individual parts and camera and vision based jobs along with other technical jobs. The robot is said to also be capable of undertaking jobs that are considered to be dangerous or monotonous.

The company has declared that the export of the robot is expected to begin soon. Also, ‘BRABO’ has been developed by taking into consideration the requirements of various sectors including the electronics, food packaging and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Some Indian companies have already begun using ‘BRABO’. The current list of BRABO customers along with Tata Motors includes Mahindra & Mahindra, ‘Diebold’, ‘CPG Industries’, ‘Hydromatik’, ‘SGK Industries’, ‘Suparna Industries’ among others. Also, Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS Pilani), Dubai campus is also using the robot as confirmed by ‘TAL’.

The European markets have now opened up for this Made-in-India robot ‘BRABO’. Hence, India is now stepping into the exports sector for ‘robots’  at a global level.


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