Taiwan activates missiles after Chinese fighters fly into its air defence zone

Taipei: Nine Chinese fighter jets invaded the Taiwanese airspace. But Taiwan activated its missile defence system and responded to the intrusion. Over the last few days, China has increased its aero invasions in the Taiwan airspace. Moreover, China has adopted an aggressive stance about Taiwan, especially after the change of the US administration.   

As per the Taiwan Defence Ministry’s information, on Friday evening, nine fighter jets of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army intruded into Taiwan’s Air Defence Identification Zone. These included nine J-16 fighter jets, four JH-7 bomber planes and a Y-9 plane, which is used for electronic warfare. The Defence Ministry accused these jets of invading the airspace in the southwest of Taiwan. The Ministry also said that this is the most prominent Chinese air invasion that happened this month.   

Taiwan had transmitted radio signals after Chinese aircraft flew over the Taiwanese air zone near Pratas island. Moreover, Taiwan also sent its fighter aircraft. After noticing that the Chinese aircraft do not back off despite multiple warnings, Taiwan activated its missile system. At the same time, the Chinese aircraft turned towards the South China Sea. Earlier, on 24th January, China had sent 12 of its aircraft in the Taiwanese airspace. After that, the Chinese fighter and bomber planes continued the airspace violation.   

However, before this Chinese intrusion, Taiwan appointed Yen Teh-fa as its new defence minister. Teh-fa completed his training 20 years ago from the US army’s ‘War College’.   

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