Swine Fever breaks out in China following Coronavirus and Bird Flu

Beijing: While the Coronavirus and Bird Flu are epidemics are already there is China, reportedly the Swine fever epidemic has also started in China. China was hit by the Swine Fever epidemic for two successive years, 2018 and 2019. In 2019, 200 million pigs had to be slaughtered in the Swine Fever epidemic. It is being claimed that the new epidemic has started because of the illegal vaccines used by the people. The Coronavirus pandemic has also increased in China, since the last few days. It is also known that China has once again imposed lockdown in some cities. The local agencies informed that incidence of Bird Flu has been observed in Shanxi province along with Hongkong. The Swine Fever epidemic following the flu has created a sensation in China.

Swine Fever breaks out in China following Coronavirus and Bird FluNew strains of Swine Fever have been found in more than 1,000 pigs in the Pigs Farm run by the New hope Liuhe company. Although this strain is not life-threatening, as it affected the organs of the pigs, the New hope Liuhe and other companies have started slaughtering pigs. The exact reason for this new strain is unknown, but some experts have pointed to the use of illegal vaccines.

Swine Fever breaks out in China following Coronavirus and Bird FluThere is no official vaccine available for Swine Fever. But with the intent of saving the Chinese people from Swine fever, an illegal vaccine is being used. Fears are being expressed that the origin of the new strain is from this vaccine. China is known as the biggest producers of pigs in the world. Pork (Pig meat) is exported to the United States and Europe from China. Against this background, the new epidemic becomes significant.

Before this, in 2004-05, it had been exposed during the Bird Flu epidemic, that many Chinese companies had developed and supplied illegal vaccines. It was proved over time that the new strain of Bird Flu, was the result of the use of this illegal vaccine.

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