6 injured in terror attack by IS supporter in New Zealand; attacker slain in police action

Auckland: – Six people have been injured in a pro-IS terrorist attack in Auckland, New Zealand. The attacker was killed in the police operation, sources said. The attacker is a Sri Lankan national who arrived in New Zealand in 2011. It was later revealed that the attacker had once tried to go to Syria. The attacker has been on the ‘watch list’ since 2016, but the attack has raised questions about New Zealand’s security, law and order.  


On Friday afternoon, the pro-IS terrorist stormed the Countdown supermarket in Auckland. Upon entering, the assailant picked up a large knife from the front shelf and began attacking the oncoming person. Six people got injured in the attack and four of them are said to be in critical condition. The attacker already being on the watch list, the police following him entered the supermarket and started action. The attacker was killed in operation, sources said.  

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Arden has announced the this was a supermarket terrorist attack. However, due to legal reasons, the attacker’s name and other backgrounds will not be revealed. The attacker is a 32-year-old Sri Lankan national. He has currently been codenamed ‘S’ and arrived in New Zealand in 2011. He came under the scrutiny of the security forces for posting videos in support of the IS and attacks on the internet.  

In 2017, ‘S’ tried to go to Syria to make efforts to join ‘IS‘. However, he was detained at the airport in New Zealand. A search of the house revealed weapons and some controversial photographs. He was released after a year in prison. A few months ago, the pro-IS suspect was re-arrested by an offensive video posted on social media.  

Despite the controversial background of supporting terrorism and being on the security watch list, it is surprising that a pro-IS terrorist succeeded in carrying out the attack. The incident poses a question on New Zealand’s security and anti-terrorism laws. A few months ago, one of the suspects had launched a knife attack in the South Island area of New Zealand. However, the New Zealand government and authorities said the attack was not a terrorist act.  

As the Taliban comes to power in Afghanistan, there are fears that it could encourage terrorists worldwide. Some leaders feared that this would increase the influence of terrorist organizations and lead to more terrorist attacks around the world. The attack in New Zealand has signalled that the fears are becoming a reality. 

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