Sell Chinese products with Made in China label: Commerce ministry directive to Amazon and Flipkart

New Delhi: – The companies in the online retailing business, will have to sell Chinese products with a Made in China label. The union commerce ministry has taken this decision and it will be implemented soon. This will eliminate the risk of inadvertently purchasing Chinese products.


Made in China label

The Industry and Internal Trade Development department of the commerce ministry held a meeting through videoconferencing, with 14 players in the e-commerce sector. All these companies, including Amazon and Flipkart, were warned that it would be mandatory to label Chinese products with a Made in China label. This will avoid cheating of the Indian customers. 20 Indian soldiers were martyred in a deceitful Chinese attack, in the Galwan Valley. Thereafter a wave of anger is seen in the Indian population. After this incident, the Indian military is retaliating strongly against China on the border. But now a campaign has been started in the country, to encourage people to boycott Chinese products, to hurt China, who is raking in billions of dollars from India, selling its products. The campaign is receiving overwhelming support not only from the customers but also from the traders. Trade organisations have announced a boycott of Chinese products.

But Chinese products are still available in the Indian market and the e-commerce retailers like Snapdeal, Heroine and Pepperfry are instrumental in selling Chinese products on a massive scale. The consumers buying these items, many times are unaware that they are buying a Chinese product and therefore, the percentage of, inadvertent purchase of Chinese products is very high. But after the Galwan incident, the Indian buyer is making a conscious effort to ensure that he is not buying a Chinese product. In this scenario, the commerce ministry directive to sell Chinese products with a Made in China label, only represents the public opinion.

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