Sadiq Khan takes charge as first Muslim Mayor of London

sadiq khan london mayor AFPSadiq Khan has taken charge as the Mayor of London. The media from all over the world has taken a note of Sadiq Khan who has created a history by getting elected as the first Muslim Mayor of London. ‘I belong to a very normal family’, saying so Sadiq Khan expressed his gratitude towards the city for giving him this opportunity. ‘Let’s all get together and make London a more better place’ conveyed Khan in his message.


Sadiq Khan secured over 13 lakhs votes and won by a large margin over his rivals. The media is taking a note of this as well. At the same time, there are talks about the controversial statement made against Sadiq Khan by his competitor, Goldsmith. Goldsmith had also published an article having intense comments about Sadiq Khan just four days before the election. It included personal comments on Mr. Khan. ‘These comments will create a rift between the society’, Sadiq Khan expressed regretfully. Considering this background, his victory proves to be very important.

Some of the reporters stated that the victory of Sadiq Khan despite the fear being spread against the Islam religion, turns out to be an important matter. Some of the analysts have claimed that the victory of Sadiq Khan proves the fact that the atmosphere in Western countries is not at all anti Islamic. Contrary to this, the views expressed by the British media is found to be exactly opposite. It is seen that Sadiq Khan has to bear the opposition from within his party as well.

Meanwhile, some analysts are claiming this to be a reply from the Voters of London to Donald Trump, the Presidential candidate , who is demanding a ban on the entry of Islam followers in America.   

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