Russia provided Syria with S-300 for free, informs Russian official

Third World War

Moscow: A shocking information has been revealed about the S-300 system deployed by Russia in Syria to counter the Israeli air attacks. Russia has supplied 24 launcher vehicles and 300 missiles used in the S-300 air defence system, to Syria for free. Tension is already raging between Russia and Israel over the Russian deployment of S-300 in Syria and Israel has asserted that the attacks on Syria will continue despite the deployment.


Russia-s-300The S-300 system deployed a week back is an advanced version of the current air defence system. A Russian official also informed that three battalions of this system with all the capabilities have been deployed. The S-300 system comprises of a launcher vehicle loaded with 4 missiles, vehicle equipped with radar, battery and one commanding centre. Each of the military battalions has two launcher vehicles loaded with 8 missiles. Russia has deployed three such battalions in Syria. Therefore, as of now, there are 24 missile launchers ready in Syria.

Russia has deployed 100 surface-to-air missiles in each battalion to equip the systems. Thus, Syria now has 300 missiles ready to retaliate against any attack at any given point in time, claimed a Russian official. The Russian military official also said that this system worth billions of dollars has been given to Syria completely free of cost.

Before this, Syria had deployed Russian S-300 system on the Khmeimim airport. However, around a year ago, Russia had deployed the super advanced S-400 Triumph missile defence system against IS and Al-Qaeda militants. The European analysts had also raised their eyebrows on seeing the deployment of this system in the conflict against the IS and Al Qaeda. Russia has also supplied the S-300 system which became non-operational due to the deployment of the S-400 system to Syria.

Meanwhile, it is being claimed that the Russian deployment of the S-300 system in Syria is an action against Israel. Russia has been warning that Israel should think about the repercussions before attacking Syria. But Israel has alleged that with the deployment of the S-300, the Iranian activities in Syria will increase and hence the Israeli attacks on Syria will continue.

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