Pentagon to investigate suspected Russian directed-energy attacks on US soldiers in Syria

Washington: – A new chapter has been added to the US-Russia dispute over the issues of Ukraine and cyberattacks. Pentagon has claimed that the US soldiers deployed in Syria were attacked with energy weapons. Pentagon has expressed a suspicion that Russia is involved in the attack. Besides, as per the received information, an inquiry has been ordered in the matter. Whereas Russian media have scoffed at the allegation.   


A few days ago, a leading US news agency published this sensational report, quoting four former security officials. The report said that US soldiers deployed on the northern border of Syria had been attacked with direct energy weapons by Russia. The US soldiers had been injured in the attack. The concerned news agency had said that a two-member inquiry committee had been set up to investigate the issue.   

Two Pentagon officials connected with this incident told the US news agency that the injured soldiers developed signs similar to flu. CENTCOM Chief General Frank McKenzie had been asked a question regarding this during the hearing with the US Senate. General McKenzie had replied that there is no evidence in the matter and investigations are on.  

The pentagon and the US National Intelligence Agency has avoided reacting in the matter as to how the attack was launched on the US soldiers. Russian media is asking a biting question, ‘Was it an attack with energy weapons?’ Russian media are also predicting that if there were signs of flu in the US soldiers, they could be infected with Coronavirus and the United States is trying to blame Russia for it unnecessarily.   

The then US President Donald Trump had accused that an energy weapon attack had been carried out on the US embassy in Havana, capital of the Caribbean country of Cuba.  

Complaints had been received that the hearing of the US diplomats, working at the US embassy in the Cuban capital of Havana, was coming under tremendous stress. This would cause exhaustion and headache in the diplomats. Reports of permanent brain damage in some diplomats also have been received.   

After that, during the tenure of President Trump, after tension was created with China, an attack like the ‘Havana Syndrome’ had been carried out even on the diplomats at the embassy in Beijing. The matter had surfaced while the US-China trade war was at its peak. At that time, the United States had accused China of attacking US diplomats with a microwave weapon. 

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